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Wild Bull Darts - Electronic Steel-Tip Dart Boards
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Wild Bull® Electronic Scoring Steel Dart Machines

Wild Bull Classic Dart BoardThe Game :  Coin Operated Arcade Dart BoardsWelcome to the official website for The Wild Bull® and the NEW Wild Bull LIVE!® steel darts machines.

The Wild Bull®  — the world's only electronic scoring, coin operated, steel darts machine using a genuine, English, dart board!

  • The only electronic darts machines capable of automatic scoring of both soft and steel tip darts on real, genuine, bristle dart boards.  
  • Featuring a patented steel darts detection system and new for 2009, a patented camera- based system for remote refereeing and live, machine-to-machine play. To learn more about these machines click here.
The Wild Bulls are considered the most unique electronic darts machines and now with the new Wild Bull LIVE!® they are among the most advanced!  

We invite players, operators and distributors to learn more about our products, or to contact us today
***Special LIVE! operators' software required for online maintenance, tournament, league and competition administration is sold separately.
The new Wild Bull LIVE!® is not currently for sale in North America.



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