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Wild Bull Darts - Electronic Steel-Tip Dart Boards
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Dart Leagues, Associations, Federations and non-for-profits 

Merlin Technologies, manufacturers of The Wild Bull® - the World’s only electronic scoring STEEL-tip darts machine using premium dartboards. 

How can these products benefit existing Dart Associations and leagues?
Benefit from the LIVE!® machine:
The NEW, Wild Bull LIVE!®  includes the features of the standard steel machine (real darting and a real board) but adds the World’s only, online competition and remote- refereeing system for steel darting!  
With our NEW Wild Bull LIVE!® machine, Players and Associations will enjoy all the standard benefits of and electronic scoring steel dart machine plus:
• A camera based, remote-refereeing system
• Live, machine-to-machine, video online competition
• Player and location ranking lists
• Online leagues, tournaments and competitions
• Online operation and administration
• Advertising potential
• And much more…
How can an (1) online darting, (2) remote- refereeing , and our (3) online, league management system benefit your dart business or Association?
1. Increased player participation- 
a. Broaden your league’s reach, geographically, by connecting with players in remote areas, online.
b. More players can join a tournament.  90% gather in one location and add another 10% online, live.  Maintaining the social aspect of darting.
c. Create VIRTUAL  Leagues, using the remote refereeing system, allowing players/teams to play their match without their opponents, on their own time and schedule.  How many more players/teams would join this type of league with flexible scheduling!
d. Create open leagues, events and tournaments where players are grouped by skill level.  This increases participation by NEW players.  The system has all players PPD and MPR history saved in the system, automatically separating players when they enter events, by the skill classifications that you establish for the event!  Relative skill classifications are attractive to new and less skilled players.
e. New players love automatic scoring.  Remove the intimidation of self-scoring and check outs.  As these players gain understanding and skill, they can move up to the ranks of traditional steel players and join your current non-electronic steel league. 
2. New revenue-
a. Could your league or Association benefit from more income?  You can use this to fund your existing activities, player travel to international events, or to donate to charity.  
b. Non-for-profit Associations are able to receive and distribute this revenue by year’s end thus still maintaining their non-for-profit status.  
3. Reduction in league administration and promotional expense. 
a. How much does it cost your Association to create leagues, events and tournaments and to distribute and promote this information?  
b. How much does it cost you to collect all league and event results?
c. Do you capture 100% of player’s PPD and MPR for ever dart thrown, regardless of location?
d. What could you do with classifications if you had 100% of your players historical information?
4. Allow players of different skill level to compete
a. How many average skill players do you have waiting to join your league?  
b. How often do the same top players win your tournaments?
c. Could you benefit by having multiple skill levels.  
d. Do you have an automatic and simple method for a top darter to compete, for fun, with a less skilled player and on an even playing field (handicapping the match using historical averages)?
e. Would you like to attract new players?
5. Connect with other darters, Worldwide-
a. How many of your players get the opportunity to compete with other darters around the world?  Would they enjoy being able to test their skill level and make new FRIENDS with darters around the world, any night of the week?
b. Create closed tournaments where 75% of the teams are located in that location but the additional 25% are joined, online, remotely.  Allows for participants from any location or Country.  
6. Promote your players-
a. Would you like to have an online system that anyone can log onto, to view, live, one of your tournaments in a pub?
a. Would you like to reward your league sponsors with advertising opportunities in some or all of your locations?  
b. How much could you earn by selling, live, video/audio advertising for all of your league locations?
8. Track 100% of darting activity-
a. How many casual matches are played in your locations?
b. How many games per night are played in other locations?
c. How do you demonstrate the value/benefit of your league to NEW location owners.
d. How do you keep track of ALL of your players’ dart activity and averages.
In addition to the machine operating/ownership opportunities, an opportunity exists for the creation of a new National Sports Promotion Company for each market. This is an entirely separate and additional profit center. The ideal partner for this opportunity are existing dart enthusiasts or dart Associations and Federations.  This party can utilize our software to create and administer all related Wild Bull darting activity, online. This group will be the only party capable of communicating with all machines in the Country, and therefore they will be able to create and administer leagues, events and tournaments, online, and where players can compete an a National basis.  This company (dart association) will charge machine owners for this service. This income is can be used by dart associations to fund their current leagues, player travel to events or for charitable donation- so even non-for-profits can partner with us!  
Lastly, as the software allows efficient and mass communication to and from machines including instant score collection, player history, standings, player history, remote refereeing and promotional videos- even a smaller group (like an individual or dart association) is capable or administering thousands of machines throughout a country.
Benefit from the WIld Bull Classic machine:
The Wild Bull Classic allows existing leagues to attract NEW players with the convenience of automatic scoring and to provide electronic darting with the REAL rules of steel darts to existing players. 
The reasons why 'existing' steel leagues use our machines are numerous but the high lights include:
1. New income from the machines and new players can be used to help with league expenses, player travel and events.
2. New income from the machines, makes the locations more motivated to help the league, as they are even more important to the location's bottom line.
3. Automatic scoring has proven to shorten league night, which is attractive to players who want to play in darts leagues, but who cannot devote the entire evening away from family and other obligations.
4. Automatic scoring attracts NEW players; which is something every steel league would like.  New players are often intimidated by 'chalking' and 'marking' games or they don't want to be embarrassed by not knowing the correct 'checkouts'.  These players often start playing on wild bull machines and in later years after they learn these skills and can play in higher skill, non-electronic formats.
More players, new players, new fun, faster play, income for you and the location and more...
Whether you are new to electronic darts or you represent a your Country's largest Dart Federation- we would like to speak with you further regarding these Wild Bull® opportunities and to tell you what others are doing right now!  I also invite you to email sales@merlindarts.com , or to call us direct at (001) 630-232-9223.
Steve Pope
International Marketing Director

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