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Creating Profit! - Connecting Darters!

We are looking for qualified steel dart leagues, soft-tip dart operators, and potential Distributors to represent our products, Worldwide.
Our machines offer new opportunities for both steel dart AND soft-tip dart markets, operators, dart associations and their locations.
The Wild Bull® steel darts machine has been for sale, on a Worldwide basis, for several years and is experiencing tremendous acceptance by both serious and casual darters and their operators and distributors.  By being first-on-the-street  to offer this unique machine, early operators introduced the machine in their markets and now enjoy new revenue and a growing player base. This is taking place in both steel markets, AND soft-tip markets and these opportunities still exist today. 
Steel Dart Markets:
Steel markets have the much to gain because now players can enjoy automatic scoring of their steel darts on a real dartboard and for the first time operators and leagues can generate income from traditional steel darting. Introducing the Wild Bull dart machines to steel players and locations is different than introducing them to soft-tip players.  To understand this better, we invite you to contact us today. 
Why would soft-tip markets, locations, operators and distributors want Wild Bull STEEL dart machines?
Soft-tip Markets:
We are pleased to report that electronic soft-tip dart machine operators, distributors and league promoters who originally had concerns about electronic steel darting, have now begun operating and distributing our steel machines. At first they were worried this steel machine would steal soft-tip darters away from their soft-tip darts machines but after testing periods (testing product reliability, operation and income) they have found just the opposite. 
Electronic dart machine operators report that many of their soft-tip players also want to play on the Wild Bull® because it’s a more authentic and challenging dart experience (smaller target). As a result, soft-tip dart machine league administrators and operators created new Wild Bull® “electronic steel leagues.” Most important, these new Wild Bull® steel players have NOT played less soft-tip darts but are playing electronic steel in addition to their regular  soft-tip darting. Our soft-tip operators and distributors are excited that the Wild Bull® has represented 100% growth (new income) and fits in so well with their current soft-tip leagues, locations and electronic darting business. We invite you to read about some of these operators, or contact us to learn more.
Introducing the Wild Bull LIVE!®
New for 2009, we are proud to introduce the Wild Bull LIVE!® online steel darts machines. The LIVE!® machine offers all the operational and steel darting features of the Wild Bull Classic® machine, but with the addition of a patented, remote refereeing system and a camera based system for LIVE, online machine-to-machine play. The LIVE!® software***, positively influence operator profit by increasing player participation and by reducing league, tournament and administration costs. 
Due to the positive demand for the new LIVE!® machine and to ensure 100% operator and player satisfaction, Merlin is introducing this new electronic darts machine with a select and pre-qualified group of operators in each market. We are identifying these partners now and urge you to contact us to learn more about this opportunity. 
For more information on both the Wild Bull Classic® or the new, Wild Bull LIVE!® online steel darts machines, to learn about us, our promotional support programs, pricing, online software support and more we invite you to contact us today.
*** Special LIVE! software  required for online maintenance, tournament, league and competition administration is sold separately and is currently not available in North America.

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