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Wild Bull Darts - Electronic Steel-Tip Dart Boards
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ELECTRONIC STEEL DARTS MACHINEThe Wild Bull® - The World’s only electronic scoring steel darts machine featuring a Genuine, English, dartboard for soft-tip and steel darts!
Enjoyed Worldwide, the Wild Bull’s cabinet, operating software and maintenance features have been tested by, and tailored, to meet the needs of Amusement and Electronic Dart Operators.
With over thirty dart games to choose from, automatic scoring of both soft and steel-tip darts on the Genuine bristle dartboard, and as the only electronic darts machine that does NOT score bounce outs or darts that fallout- players and dart leagues love this machine!   

The Wild Bull® is enjoyed by both casual and league players and producing a new revenue source for dart operators.  We invite you to contact us  to learn more about the technical features of the machine,  Distributing or Operating or to buy your first Wild Bull today. 

Product Brochure

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