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Wild Bull Darts - Electronic Steel-Tip Dart Boards
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Electronic Steel Dart Detection  

Wild Bull® - Electronic Steel Dart Detection

The Wild Bull® - the World’s only electronic darts machines using a genuine, English dartboard for steel darting. 

The only electronic dart detection system that:
• Automatically scores both soft-tip and steel darts (with no dart weight limit)
• Will NOT score darts that bounce off the target
• Will NOT score darts that fallout of the target
• Will not score darts that are manually placed (by hand) in the target
• Conforms to the rules of traditional steel darting
• Is endorsed by the PDC
We have all seen the traditional dartboard hanging on the wall in a great pub.  You may have even experienced that feel of a steel dart, thumping into the bristle board.  No “clacking” sound, no bounce outs, no holes and no need for special plastic-tip darts. 
We have taken this traditional dart experience a real English dartboard and added our patented steel dart detection. The end result is the style, feel and sophistication of steel darting in its genuine form — a dart machine that conforms to the rules of traditional darting with the modern convenience of automatic scoring. 
How does the system detect steel darts? 
Our patented system covers the board with a signal that detects a dart and its corresponding segment on the board. This same signal surveys the board constantly and detects if that dart bounced out or even falls out later. Our patented system detects these changes and reconciles them on the scoreboard.
Darters love the fact that our system scores only the darts that ‘stick’ (remain in the board) because this is consistent with the rules of traditional darting. Our system accounts for bounce outs or fallouts, which means we have eliminated the concept introduced by soft-tip dart machine manufacturers that say, “the machine is always right.”
This system employed by Merlin Technologies for several years has been tested Worldwide thanks to some of the most experienced amusement and dart operators as well as by both Professional and Casual players
The beauty of the system is that it works with a real premium dart board, has no moving parts and can be easily calibrated to account for any changes in the board itself, including rotation or replacement.
Our detection system covers the dartboard like a force field. It’s not under the bristles. That means you can rotate or replace the board in a matter of minutes and be ready to play again. Electronic dart operators value the fact that our target has NO MOVING PARTS. That eliminates the need for mechanical maintenance on the target, which electronic dart operators are accustomed to with some soft-tip targets (segments stuck, tips broken off in segments, etc). 
Wild Bull® players appreciate that our dart detection is the World’s only system that does NOT score bounce-out, fall-out darts and the fact that the system can detect both soft and steel-tip darts and with no dart weight limit. 
It all adds up to an extremely accurate and unique steel darts system which may explain why the Wild Bull® is the World’s only electronic dart machine endorsed by the Professional Darting Corporation (PDC).  
We invite you to learn more about our genuine English dartboards our Dart Machines or to contact us today. 

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